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Major Ray "The Wrath of" Khan - Drexel mate currently serving with the Air Force in Afgahanistan.  When Ray is not kicking ass he is using his engineering skills to further defense.  Click here and search for his name on the pop-up. Karen Khan - Drexel mate who worries about her husband Ray in Afghanistan who wants him to do more research and less ass kicking. Bob Caruso Joan Oswald - My Aunt Joanie - Otherwise known as "The Holiday Food Pusher"  - Not that we complain  Keep up the outstanding effort!! :) Jim Leonarczyk -  My cousin and friend despite growing up a Mets fan and picking two defenses in the first four rounds of our fantasy football draft. :) Charlie Oswald - My uncle who is known as "The Soccer Jedi Master" having trained his three padawan sons in the art. Matt Seddon - My cousin who is known in the family as "The Big Talker" Chris Oswald - My cousin Chris rwho ecently moved out of his parents at which time he changed his annual pollyanna request from a case of beer to a Target gift card.  Hope Xmas was merry cuz! Ray Seddon - My uncle who runs a home based kennel as a hobby.  Specializes in Dalmation training. Rob Dickson - Fellow MS patient  and friend from MS Support newsgroup.  Our #1 free agent acquistion for 2006 along with his family and friends. Kristy Keller - Lindsay's sister, preschool teacher & local food critic.  Be sure to talk to this girl at The Walk if looking for a good restaurant recommendation. Brad Hughes - Kristy Keller's boyfriend.  Brad is a skilled missile tech in the US Air Force but is even more skilled in making mixed drinks. Bruce Keller - Lindsay' father and expert connosieur of all things wine and Olympic swimmer. Sue Seddon - My aunt and wife of Ray.  She is the co-owner of Ray's kennel. Jen Richter - My only female cousin out eight grandchildren.  This girl is not only great, she is also a real survivor! :) Lindsay Keller - My beloved girlfriend and inspiration for the TV show Alias as no one knows her real name.  Her known aliases include Teddy, Bart, Retriever, and Chicken (as in Hello Chicken). John Leonetti - My friend from high school days - also know as "The Philly Fan".  He is next liine for a fulltime job on 610 WIP as he IS the voice of Philadelphia.  EsJohn Leonetti - My friend from high school days.  He his credits include playing the Angry Philly fan in Anger Management.   He is next line for a radio spot on 610 WIP as he IS the voice of Philadelphia.  Listen for his voice in the crowd during the next Eagles home broadcast! Jen Leonetti Bill Kay - Verizon cohort - Known as the star of "The Metrics Re-Loaded" Floss Caruso - My mother.  Known in my family as the person who can find anything misplaced.  BTW Mom, did I leave my wallet at your house? Denise Oswald - Sweetheart wife of my renown international soccer coach cousin Tim Oswald. Larry Fronczak - Cohort from Verizon and fan of all things sports.  When Al Morganti  wants to confirm a breaking NHL story, Larry is the guy he calls. Frank Mattera - Verizon cohort who has been a friend since my co-op days.  As my previous Director, he stepped up to push my cause among his peers.  As my former Director, Frank continues to do so as my friend. Lauren Goldfeld Margaret Malagon - Verizon cohort and three time OCP veteran.  She works with Larry Fronczak and is the person that Larry calls when HE needs help. Noreen Nickels - One of the funniest & most well informed persons at Verizon.  She'll give you the grapevine scoop and make you laugh the whole time.  Click here to read about Noreen's research career outside Verizon. Mike Ernst - If I was getting in trouble Mike or Jorge was probably there helping.  Now he is KPMG's Insurance Expert.  Click on Mike to read an industry report where some of Mike's insights are featured. Mikey Ernst Jr. Tom Gaffney - Verizon cohort and followed in my footprints at Drexel, Father Judge, St. Tims and now Verizon. Azita Sohanki - Bill Kay's beloved girlfriend & all around sweetheart. Bob Caruso Sr. - My father who works in retirement as a woodworking consultant to Bob Vila. A bunch of non-team members who just weaseled their way into the picture.Click here for Information.This building is known as the place where Rocky ran up the steps.  It is also where they should've kept the statue. Brian Fullerton - Verizon cohort and bicycle phenom.  He has also done the MS Bike Race to the shore. Chris Gefvert - Former Verizon cohort who left Verizon a few years ago.  His computer scripts still live on though & we pray his directory never get accidentally deleted. Norm Mak - My Verizon mgr and longtime friend.  Be sure to ask him if he likes any of the Star Wars movies. John Trotman (aka. Elvis) - You can see John performing as Elvis all over the county including Eagles home and away games, as well as Karen and Ray's wedding, the streets of New Orleans, the Mummers Parade, Batchelorette events, and bah mitzvah's. Jorge Iglesias - Friend since the 4th grade.  Whenever I got it trouble, it was usually Jorge's fault - or at least that's what I told my parents. Tom Gaffney - Verizon cohort who my underclassmen to me in all my schools: St. Tims, Father Judge, & Drexel.  Now he continues to follow my footsteps at Verizon. Denise Ernst - Mike's beloved wife.  Otherwise known as "The Saint" for taking care of their soon to be three children as well as her husband too! Matt Ernst - Mike and Denise's second born son and Eagles diehard JV fan in training.  Click here to see one of Matt's favorite sites. Chanita Skinker - Cary's wonderful and lovely wife. John Navickas - Friend and owner of renown graphics art promotional design company.  Click here to view his company's website. Cary Skinker - Verizon cohort who was at the Walk.  There are pictures proving this in the slide show. :) Mama Skinker - Cary's mother and generous supporter of many charitable events. Lucy Tabot - First year walk & friend of Noreen Nickels. Lyn Grasela - Verizon cohort.  She walks for her mother who is courageously fighting MS as well. Tina Roccia(Gavin too) - Greg Oswald's beloved girlfriend and mother to be at the time.  Congrats to both on their cutie pie son Gavin.Lori Dickson - Wonderful and supportive sister to Rob Dickson.PPD Officer Patricia Dickson - A kickass cop by day and Rob's wonderfully supportive mother by night.  This mom does it all.Tommy Christianson - Lori Dickson's boyfriend whose penchant is getting his face in frame at the instant of the camera being snapped.Debbie Brady - Matt's mother who also came out to support her wonderful nephew Rob. Click here for bigger Team picture. Steve Dickson Linda Keller- Mother of Lindsay & Kristy.  An expert trainer of Black Labs & also the person  least likely to get lost while driving or get you lost giving directions- by far. Stacy Lichon - John Navicka's beloved girlfriend. Chris Oswald - My party hearty cousin Chris who recently moved out of his parents and with Lauren at which time he changed his annual pollyanna request from a case of beer to a Target gift card.  I didn't know they sold beer there. :) Matt Brady - Rob's cousin who came out to show his support.