1993 40th Anniversary Corvette (May take a few seconds to load photos)

          This is a 40th Anniversary Edition Corvette.  In 1993, Chevrolet made this special version of the C4 Corvette with several distinct features.  The color of this model's interior and exterior only came in Ruby Red.  The C4 was never available in this color in any other year of its' 14 year production run.  The leather seats are embroidered with the 40th anniversary logo.  The logo is also proudly displayed on each of the front side panels.  The C4 has dual power seats, and a powerful Bose combination single CD / tape Bose stereo system.  The blue tinted glass roof is removable via two bolts and fits snugly into the tailgate holder.  It can be removed/installed within five minutes using a hand sized torque wrench that is kept in the glove compartment.  The engine is an 5.7L V8 LT1 with a factory base of 300 HP.  There is a photo at the very bottom of the website that shows the new tires I just put on.  The stainless steel aftermarket Corsa exhaust system shown in the pictures gives the car an extra 14 HP.  The air intake manifold has an aftermarket TPI Air Intake Foil inside which gives it an extra 11.8 HP.  The K&N Air Filter installed increases air flow by 57% feeding into the foil.  It washable and reusable over the lifetime of the engine.  Included is an aftermarket Performance Resource computer chip which gives it another 15 -20 HP boost.  It is not currently installed but can be done so via an easy plug and play swap with the factory chip that takes about ten minutes.  With or without the chip, the car is 100% street legal.  It passed Pennsylvania State inspection in April 2012.


Corvette Front Left AngleCorvette Left Side


Corvette Front Right Angle





Corvette Rear Left Angle

Corvette Left Angle Lights

Corvette 40th Panel

Corvette Front

Corvette Front Lights

Corvette Rear





Corvette Corsa Tips

Corvette Corsa Side


Corvette Seats

Corvette Seat 40th

Corvette Dash

Corvette Shifter and CD


Corvette Engine Long Shot

Corvette Engine Angle



Corvette Engine Left Side

Corvette Engine Right Side