* NOTE: Use IE Compatibility View if dates do not appear.   **This is a yearly list of those who came out to walk with the team. I thank all the sponsors as well but they are just too numerous to list.    
2009 Greatest.png
Florence Caruso Fab Aguilar   Pete Barnes   Pete Barnes   Debbie Brady   Debbie Brady   Fabricio Aguilar Fabricio Aguilar Florence Caruso    
Michael Caruso Chad Beck   Chad Beck   Catherine Beck   Matt Brady   Matt Brady   Fabricio Aguilar Jr. Florence Caruso Michael Caruso    
Robert Caruso Jr. Catherine Beck Catherine Beck   Florence Caruso   Tony Carlton   Florence Caruso   Janet Aguilar Michael Caruso Robert Caruso Jr.    
Robert Caruso Sr. Mike Bryson Mike Bryson   Michael Caruso   Florence Caruso Michael Caruso   Tony Carlton Robert Caruso Jr. Robert Caruso Sr.    
Patricia Dickson Florence Caruso Tony Carlton   Robert Caruso Jr.   Michael Caruso Robert Caruso Jr. Florence Caruso Robert Caruso Sr. Jay Cichonski    
Rob Dickson Michael Caruso Florence Caruso   Robert Caruso Sr.   Robert Caruso Jr. Robert Caruso Sr. Michael Caruso Jay Cichonski Denise Ernst    
Mark Ernst Robert Caruso Jr. Michael Caruso   Denise Ernst   Robert Caruso Sr. Tommy Christianson Robert Caruso Jr. Denise Ernst Barbara Fisher    
Mike Ernst Robert Caruso Sr. Robert Caruso Jr.   Mark Ernst   Tommy Christianson Lori Dickson   Robert Caruso Sr. Matthew Ernst Denise Ernst    
Larry Fronczak Patricia Dickson Robert Caruso Sr.   Matthew Ernst   Lori Dickson   Patricia Dickson   Jay Cichonski Michael Ernst Michael Ernst    
Brian Fullerton Rob Dickson Patricia Dickson   Michael Ernst   Patricia Dickson Rob Dickson   Denise Ernst Mikey Ernst Jr. Mikey Ernst Jr.    
Jorge Iglesias Mark Ernst   Rob Dickson   Mikey Ernst Jr.   Steve Dickson   Steve Dickson   Matthew Ernst Barbara Fisher Barbara Fisher    
Jorge Iglesias Jr. Mike Ernst   Brian Fullerton   Barb Fisher   Denise Ernst   Denise Ernst   Michael Ernst Lawrence Fronczak Karen Gaspari    
Azita Kay Barbara Fisher Lynn Grasela   Tom Gaffney   Matthew Ernst   Matthew Ernst   Mikey Ernst Jr. Brian Fullerton Denise Heller    
Bill Kay Larry Fronczak Maryanne Grasela   Lauren Goldfeld   Michael Ernst   Michael Ernst   Barbara Fisher Karen Gaspari Manu Kambhampati    
Tony Kenney Brian Fullerton Brad Hughes   Lynn Grasela   Mikey Ernst Jr. Mikey Ernst Jr.   Lawrence Fronczak Chistopher Gefvert James Leonarczyk    
Jim Lennox Jorge Iglesias Jorge Iglesias   Lynn Grasela's Friend Barb Fisher   Lawrence Fronczak Karen Gaspari Michele Gefvert Rita Leonarcyzk    
Margaret Malagon Jorge Iglesias Jr Bill Kay   Lynn Grasela's Kid Friend Lawrence Fronczak Brian Fullerton   Lauren Goldfeld Lauren Goldfeld Walt Leonarcyzk    
John Navikas Tynisha Johnson Bruce Keller   Stephanie Harney   Tom Gaffney   Tom Gaffney   Scott Hatfield & Pup Lynn Grasela John Leonetti    
Denise Oswald Tyson Johnson Kristy Keller   Denise Heller   Lauren Goldfeld Chistopher Gefvert Wayne Hefner Scott Hatfield & Pup Norm Mak    
Gavin Oswald Azita Kay   Linda Keller   Jorge Iglesias   Lynn Grasela   Lauren Goldfeld   Denise Heller Denise Heller Diane Mueller    
Greg Oswald Bill Kay   Lindsay Keller   Bill Kay   Lynn Grasela's Friend Lynn Grasela   Aruna Kambhampati Manu Kambhampati Charles Oswald    
Hannah Oswald Tony Kenney Tony Kenney   Bruce Keller   Scott Hatfield & Pup Denise Heller   Manu Kambhampati Bill Kay   Greg Oswald    
Joan Oswald Barb Kman   Rita Leonarczyk   Kristy Keller   Denise Heller   Wayne Hefner   Bill Kay Kristy Keller Joan Oswald    
Chris Richter Margaret Malagon Walt Leonarczyk   Linda Keller   Brad Hughes   Brad Hughes   Lindsay Keller Lindsay Keller John Trotman    
Chris Richter Jr. Diane Mueller John Leonetti   Lindsay Keller   Jorge Iglesias   Jorge Iglesias   James Leonarczyk Anthony Kenney    
Jen Richter Chris Oswald Johnny Leonetti   Karen Khan   Jorge Iglesias Jr. Bill Kay   John Leonetti James Leonarczyk    
Kaylee Richter Denise Oswald Margaret Malagon   Ray Khan   Manu Kambhampati Bruce Keller   Norm Mak Rita Leonarcyzk    
Grace Richter Gavin Oswald John Navickas   James Leonarczyk   Bill Kay   Kristy Keller   Margaret Malagon Walt Leonarcyzk    
Colleen Seddon Greg Oswald Dave Nuyianes   Rita Leonarczyk   Bruce Keller   Linda Keller   Frank Mattera John Leonetti    
Ray Seddon Joan Oswald Chris Oswald   Walt Leonarczyk   Kristy Keller   Lindsay Keller   Charles Oswald Norm Mak    
Ray Seddon III Maureen Ragan Denise Oswald   Norm Mak   Linda Keller   Karen Khan   Chris Oswald Margaret Malagon    
Sue Seddon Chris Richter Gavin Oswald   Margaret Malagon   Lindsay Keller   Ray Khan   Greg Oswald Frank Mattera    
Dave Thomas Jen Richter   Greg Oswald   Frank Mattera   James Leonarczyk James Leonarczyk Joan Oswald Diane Mueller    
  Kaylee Richter Joan Oswald   Pat McGinely   Jen Leonetti   Jen Leonetti   Jen Richter John Navickas    
  Matt Seddon Jen Richter   Diane Mueller   John Leonetti   John Leonetti   Ray Seddon Noreen Nickels    
  Ray Seddon   Kaylee Richter   John Navickas   John Leonetti Jr. Stacy Lichon   Sue Seddon Charles Oswald    
  Ray Seddon III Matt Seddon   Chris Oswald   Stacy Lichon   Norm Mak   Cary Skinker Chris Oswald    
  Sue Seddon   Ray Seddon   Gavin Oswald   Norm Mak   Margaret Malagon Chanita Skinker Greg Oswald    
  Cary Skinker Ray Seddon III   Greg Oswald   Margaret Malagon Frank Mattera   Mama Skinker Joan Oswald    
  Chanita Skinker Sue Seddon   Tina Roccia   Frank Mattera   John Navickas   Azita Sohanki Cary Skinker    
  Mama Skinker Azita Sohanki   Joan Oswald   John Navickas   Noreen Nickels   John Trotman Chanita Skinker    
  Colleen Sweeney Colleen Sweeney   Jen Richter   Noreen Nickels Charles Oswald   Rob Williamson Azita Sohanki    
  Dave Thomas Dave Thomas   Kaylee Richter   Charles Oswald Chris Oswald   Diane Spevak    
  John Trotman John Trotman   Matt Seddon   Chris Oswald   Greg Oswald   Karen Spevak    
  Rob Williamson   Ray Seddon   Gavin Oswald   Tina Roccia     John Trotman    
  Jim Zwolak   Ray Seddon III   Greg Oswald   Joan Oswald          
  Sue Seddon   Tina Roccia   Jen Richter      
  Azita Sohanki   Joan Oswald   Matt Seddon      
  Colleen Sweeney   Matt Seddon   Ray Seddon      
  Dave Thomas   Ray Seddon   Sue Seddon      
  John Trotman   Sue Seddon   Cary Skinker      
  Jim Zwolak   Lucy Tabor   Chanita Skinker      
    Dave Thomas   Mama Skinker        
    John Trotman   Azita Sohanki        
    Rob Wiliamson Lucy Tabor        
    Jim Zwolak   John Trotman/Elvis