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3/16/2014 - I am just in the beginning of updating the website for the 2014 Walk which is SATURDAY, May 3rd.I have plenty of video from the 2013 Walk to post and will be doing so over the next few days.So please check back for that.


4/29/2013 - The Walk is THIS SATURDAY, May 4th. Please be at the Art Museum by 8 AM. We will be taking the team photo at 8:40 AM. The walking begins at 9 AM. This is an all-weather event so dress appropriately. Remember to bring the envelope you received in the mail. For whatever reason, they are no longer having the "Run" portion of the event.


4/6/2012- Two updates...

1) First off, the Walk is on a SATURDAY this year - NOT SUNDAY. The date is May 5th. Hope to see you there.

2) The 2011 video gallery is up. I know some of you missed the captions in the photo slide shows from the earlier Walks before I shifted to video. In that spirit, I have added subtitles to each of the 2011 videos. I think it combines the best of both worlds. Hope you enjoy them.


3/12/2011 - Most of the 2010 videos are up on the website. You will notice that when you click on the video, it will launch in YouTube. Please note that you cannot actually search for the video on the actual YouTube website though. That is to keep our videos relatively private from the rest of the world. You can bookmark them once you watch them from here though.


3/5/2011 - Am in the process of updating everything on the website for the 2011 MS Walk.


3/21/10 - In place of a slide show, I have posted video footage from the day of the 2009 MS Walk. I think it takes the site to the next level and hope you enjoy it. Everything else on the site has also been updated as well.

3/8/10 - The website is back up but I have not had the time to do much on it yet. The MS Walk is on Sunday, May 2nd this year so sign up when you get a chance or sponsor the team if you will. Check back for more later.


Possible RAIN
Right now there is 42% chance of light showers in the morning. This is an all weather event so dress accordingly.

Our team has a dedicated tent spot to meet at.  It is located at the curb right next to the Food tent.  It has an "OLD CITY POSSE" blue banner with white lettering to look for.  We are going to try to hang it up from the tentís tarp but it may only be possible to hang it over the side of the table. I won't know until I get there Sunday morning.  It will have two tables each with an NMSS volunteer to check in our team.  That means that you will not have to wait in the general lines with all the other people.

If you don't see the banner, you can also look for the orange t-shirts we will be wearing. I picked them up yesterday and they look fantastic. The price of the t-shirt will be $10/per person and I will distribute them at the table.

3/15/09 - The website is open for business again and this the MS Walk is on Sunday, May 5th. The slide show for 2008 has 32 slides in it. If anyone has pictures they would like to share with all of us, please send them to me even if they are just a few. I would like to start a gallery composed of a variety of photos taken by other persons. If you don't have any, please bring your camera this year as it is something I would really like to do for next year's gallery. I also bought a camcorder that I will be bringing to this year's Walk. Hopefully I can edit it into a short movie clip next year. I have not updated the Fundraising History yet but hope to do so soon.

4/10/08 - I have just added a second gallery of pictures from 2007. Going into the Photo Gallery and clicking on 2007 now brings up a choice of two different galleries to view.  Hope you enjoy it.

3/19/08 - I have added a new section up top entitled "Fundraising History",  Click on it to see how much money we raised in any given year or how much we've raised in total since the team was founded.  I also cleaned up the menus a bit in case anyone notices that they look a little different.

3/15/08 - The website has now been updated and is ready for business for this year's MS Walk on Sunday, May 4th. The slide show for 2007 has 19 slides in it for the moment. I want to add galleries of pictures taken from other person's cameras. If you have any, please let me know. I will email everyone if there is an update. I still have to update the team photo to put the pop-up names over each person's picture. Will probably have that done over the next few days.

4/26/07 - Only 10 days to the Walk. If you haven't already, please sign up soon. Today I added a few more businesses to the Sponsors section. Please check them out and support those supporting us.. I also made corrections to the FAQ and Hall of Fame sections.

3/26/07 - Added a Sponsors section at that the top with links to the websites of all the team's business sponsors. These businesses really help us out so please take a few minutes to take a look. Please contact me if you have a personal business you would like added to the site. It was brought to my attention that some text on this site blink on non-IE browsers. I had no idea and hope no one was given a headache. It should be fixed now.

3/14/07 - Updated the team photo that is in the first slide of 2006 slide show. Move the mouse over someone's face to learn about who they are. Also updated the About OCP section with information concerning results from last year's Walk as well as information about what I have been doing for whis year's. The FAQ section has also been updated for changes to this year's Walk.

3/11/07 - Just put up the photo gallery from last years walk. This one is big. Check it out.

2/28/07 - Just began updating the site again. Bear with me & check back in a week or so.

2/21/06 - Just added a Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ). It provides answers for all your questions concerning the event and also has simplified instructions and links to either join or sponsor the team.

2/19/06 - Just updated the Picture Gallery with a slideshow from last year's MS Walk. The team picture is in here. The only one not pictured in it is Scott and his pup who arrived after we started walking. If you don't find your individual picture in the slideshow, it was not from a lack of effort on my part. I put every picture I had from those who brought cameras. If you bring one this year, please contact me afterward the Walk so I can get the photos for the website. I would like to put up shots of everyone on the team but the number of people we now have has made it quite challenging. Please check the slide show out and enjoy.

2/14/06 - First, Happy Valentine's Day Lindsay!! XOXOXO :) - Now to the MS Walk. It's been quite awhile since I updated the website. After last year's Walk I needed to spend sometime away from this and focus on somethingsI needed to do in my personal life. I really needed to but I wish I hadn't let so much time go now because I feel like my web designing skills are back to where they started off last year:super novice. I just updated the Hall with the names of last year's walkers. I decided to do this first because I feel it is most important to recognize those who take the time to come and walk with me. This is your team more than mine. Next, I want to move on to the picture gallery which is the most fun part of doing the website. Once that is done, I will send out an email to the group letting everyone know whats up for this year. In the meantime, if you are reading this before I sent the email out then it means you are trying to get a headstart. Just so you know, the Walk is Sunday, May 7th this year. If you want to sign up now you can do so on the left hand side. I've updated that part of the website with our results from last year. We were one of the elite teams in the area again. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates and thanks for your continued interest and support of the event.

3/5/05 - This is my first shot ever at making a website. So if it doesn't seem quite finished it is simply because it's not. It should look more professional as time goes on and I get a better feel for this stuff. Anyhow, my main motivation for the site is to provide a photo gallery archiving pictures from MS Walks past so that you can all download them. I had so many pictures from last year that distributing 20 MB of email to each person became unfeasible for those without broadband. I looked at many ways to get them out to you but this seemed best. Unfortunately it suffered the delays of me having to buy a new PC and learn how to set up a website. Sorry for the delay but now that this is up and going, it should be a relatively short amount of time to post pictures for future Walks as I plan to run this website indefinitely. So go check out the Photo Gallery linked at the top of the page. I put together a funny slide show from last year's Walk that I think everyone will enjoy. As for the 2003 Walk, I didn't have the time to put together a slide show and opted for nice collage instead. I think both capture the spirit of those days though and were made to thank both those who came out as well as those who sponsored the team. Last year's Walk was a great success as we had 40 walkers and raised a total of $14,000 thanks to a generation matching donation by the Verizon Foundation. The team ranked 4th for Philadelphia and 9th for the PA/NJ region (see link).

On the page here to the left is where you can sign up to either walk for my MS Walk team or sponsor it in 2005. If you cannot see the page, you need to temporarily allow blocked content to show up in your browser. The date is Sunday, May 1st and I hope you can support me. Once again we will need at least 10 Verizon employees on the team to get the Verizon Foundation match.

I hope to add more features to the site as time goes by. Suggestions are appreciated.

- Thanks - Bob

Feedback can be sent to Bob Caruso at: BobCaruso@oldcityposse.org